American Genealogical Research

Who We Work For
We work for attorneys and bank trust officers exclusively. We do not accept assignments for family genealogies or search requests from individuals.

To Complete a Genealogical Investigation

For investigations that require extensive genealogical research and documentation, we work at an hourly basis. Please contact us for current fees. On large projects, we will offer a proposal and cap expenses at a maximum for the project.

To Locate a Missing Heir

We will invoice the estate for our services. We do not accept contingency paid cases.

To Locate a Missing Person

For all searches, we expect payment only if we successfully locate the person. We pay all search and travel costs to locate the person. You pay only one fee based on the age of the address.

Our Resources

Within our offices we have a huge collection of data which includes driving records, real property ownership, dates of birth indexes, death indexes, marriage indexes, voting records, and telephone directories.

We subscribe to many proprietary databases which limit access to licensed private investigators. We have investigators available for assignment throughout the world.


Dear Mary Ann,

Thank you for your diligent work in preparing my assignment of location heirs to my uncles estate. I know I could never have done it myself. Your tenacity in finding all the key individuals and paving the way for me to make contact with them was more than I could have ever done. Your professionalism in the preparation of the documents needed, keeping me informed as well as asking the right questions made the process easier for me.

Thank you for all your help,

Armando Martinez

Lithonia, GA